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Science Reading and Topics -

Themes for Early Scientists

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Little Science Readers are curious, inquisitive and find knowledge about how things live and work.  Find some teaching resources that willl make your little science learner smile ...and saves YOU time! 

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Life Cycle of a Pumpkin
Scientists' Work
honeybees - literacy_science

Informational bookmarks are ideal when teaching a science topic.  

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life cycle of a bee, infographic, teaching science, primary learners, life cycles
All About Whales - Reading
life cycle of a whale
whales - primary
Write About Whales

These teaching resources can add to your unit on whales.  Many ways to diversify instruction with these pages. 

Saves YOU time! 

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Do you know a little birdwatcher? 

backyard birds, science for children, MrsQuimbyReads, teaching resources for science
all about birds

Looking for birds can be fun

when you add literacy learning and math.  Enjoy nature with your students and find this teaching resource to enhance the experience. Children should have positive outcomes when learning about living things in nature.  

all about rain- elementary grades
All about Flowers
penguins, learn about penguins, teaching science, primary grades, birds, research for elementary students
all about snow - read and write
Snowflake Bentley - Book Companion
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