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Second Grade 

plants - vocabulary

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enemy pie - book companion
Arthur's Thanksgiving
The Giving Tree
Table of Contents
teaching resources, compound words, grammar, literacy instruction, second grade
Tops & Bottoms- Book Companion
Reading Assessment Forms
Stellaluna Book Companion
Life Cycle of a Pumpkin
Ramona Quimby, Age 8 - novel study
bad case of stripes, david shannon, children's literature, teaching resources
penguins, learn about penguins, reading and writing about penguins
listen, draw and follow directions
Miss Rumphius - Teaching Resources
field trip writing prompts
What Do You Do With An Idea? Book Compan
What Do You Do With A Chance? Book Compa
What Do You Do With A Problem?
Rosie Revere Engineer - book companion
Paragraph of the week-learnng to write
I am Peace - book companion
busy bee classroom posters, teaching citizenship, teacher resources
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