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2022- 2023  Editable Teacher Binder
with Bonus Substitute Notebook 

Your 'Everything, Everything' Teacher Binder
Includes Everything You Need to Keep You Organized !  2022-2023 SY Update!

When you purchase this teacher binder, you will get FREE updates for LIFE!!!
This teacher binder is currently dated through August 2023.   As I add new forms and update the calendars, you will be notified so you can access the update and new pages for FREE! Your editable teacher binder can be used this year but also year-after-year without ever purchasing a new one! 

Your teacher binder will be fun to build as you have
many covers, colors and designs to choose from... you can even change them whenever you 'd like! 
Brighten Your Day!
Save Time! Get Organized! Stunning clip art! 
310 essential pages to keep your school year running smoothly!

Your Editable Teacher Binder includes:
Covers and Dividers for your teacher binder – 50 Designs
Colorful spine covers for your teacher binder
Weekly Lesson Planner - [8 styles]
One Weekly Lesson Planner for 6-day rotation
Monthly Calendars - 2 styles – one page and also 2-page layout for your notebook
One page daily schedule – at- a-glance
Number Circles for Class # Assignments
Monthly Newsletter Templates [just type in your news!]

writing newsletters is easy with these templates

october newsletter, elementary school, teachin resources
monthly newsletter templates, editable teacher binder, MrsQuimbyReads, parent newsletters
monthly newsletter templates, primary grades, teaching resouces, MrsQuimbyReads

[keep these forms in one place and ready to use]

one page daily routine at-a-glance class roster
student medical information
Individual Student form
IEP student form
Small Group Lesson form
Guided Reading Student Snapshot form
Guided Reading Lesson Plan
Guided Math Lesson Form
Writing Lesson Form
Writing Conference form
Guided Reading Notes (individual student)


Parent Communication Log
Meeting Notes
To Do List
7 recording sheets for grades
Transportation Home List
Emergency Plans - Fire Drill and Lockdown
Seating Charts
Labels for Tables
Codes and Phone Extensions
Website Log-In Form
Behavior Forms - Think Sheet, Action Plan



[these letters save time! And they are editable to place YOUR information within the context of the letter]
-Back-to-School Parent Information Letter
-Parent-Teacher Conference Form

-Parent Teacher Conference Reminder Form
-Field Trip Permission Slip

Teacher Binder Collection 1 - Covers for Teacher Binder, Dividers for Schedule and Forms, Spine covers for your notebook. You can build a teacher binder notebook or also make a weekly planner which is spiral bound and slim - directions included. 

Teacher Binder Collection 2 - Weekly Lesson Planners, editable and there is also one weekly lesson plan grid that was made for a 6-day rotation if your school were following that type of schedule. These weekly planners spread across your teacher binder. They are fully editable on your computer, but you can also print them out and hand write in the grid as you wish.  Calendars are also in this collection. There are 2 styles – one page, and 2 page spread over your notebook binder.

Teacher Binder Collection 3 - Curriculum Assessment Forms and Grading Recording sheets.  Simply type in your class list on the form; then print out. Keep these in your notebook and add grades as you go. Forms include those for student evaluation, guided reading, small group instruction, writing conferences, math groups, IEP information. 

Teacher Binder Collection 4 -   Classroom Management Forms  for behavior, seating charts, labels for tables, number circles, field trips, medical information, codes for copy machine, birthdays, transportation home, emergency procedures meeting notes, and more. 

Teacher Binder Collection 5 - Letters to Parents - Back to School letters, field trip permission, parent communication log, schedule summary, letterheads, templates for letter for back-to-school. These letter templates will save you time when you are so busy at the start of a new school year. 

Teacher Binder Collection 6 - Monthly Newsletter Templates - Each month you will have a one page newsletter template that you can easily edit and type in your news! There are 2 styles of newsletters, choose one, type in your news, and you are done! Keep your parents informed of the valuable and wonderful things that happen in your classroom! and be sure to put a copy in your Administrator’s box! 

Editable Teacher Binder
important school forms

This teacher binder also comes with many easy to use school forms to keep your year running smoothly. 

Save Time!

covers for teacher binder

choose the weekly planner that is best suited for your schedule

6- day rotation schedule too! 

**BONUS** Also included is a teaching resource for a

SUBSTITUTE TEACHER BINDER NOTEBOOK. This is a $7.  Resource when purchased separately; however I have included that resource here as a BONUS for you… and to thank you for purchasing my

Everything, Everything, Editable Teacher Binder

You will receive all the updates --FOR LIFE-- as I create them.   Each school year there will be an update as calendar changes and I create more forms for my teacher binder. You will find that you have more time when you are organized

with an editable teacher binder

Thank you for previewing this teaching resource.  

Substitute Notebook - resource