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Back-to-School is busy, creative and lots of fun!  Find teaching resources to help with your classroom organization, classroom management and excellent book choices for the first week of school.  Reading instruction can be easier when you read Children's Literature.  Children listen better, become involved and engage in meaningful discussions about books and authors' message and purpose.   


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Chrysanthemum - book companion
-one-you-reader-response-children's-literature- literacy-instruction
Big Al-reading-children's-literture-reading-lessons-teaching-resources
teaching resources, MrsQuimbyReads, back-to-school, children's literature

Read these books during the first week of school to teach citizenship, kindness and a good work ethic!



Teacher Resources

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for your literacy station

wemberly worried
there was an old lady who swallowed some
You're Finally Here - Book Companion

Cursive Display   alphabet anchor charts for classroom display - real photographs

Manuscript Display   alphabet anchor charts for classroom display - real photographs

Get Your Everything, Everything Editable Teacher Binder

(And Important forms, Newsletter Templates, Calendars)  HERE

Free updates for life

Teacher Binder-Weekly Lesson Planner

Everything, Everything Teacher Binder weekly lesson planners, important forms you can use all year long, calendar planners, and monthly newsletter templates...get yours now!




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Open House -Meet the Teacher  prepare for your "Meet the Teacher" Night Slideshow helps you have an outstanding Open House for your parents!


Labels and Numbers  

Organize your classroom with color! Lots of labels and lots of numbers! Help your students find the supplies they need. 


Open House -Meet the Teacher  make a brochure for your parents to read and learn about your classroom. Easy ... use this template!

Birthday Graph

Create a Classroom Birthday Graph  

this is an engaging start of the year activity that promotes self-esteem, builds class community and creates a stunning classroom environment ... by teaching graphing skills for math class! It's editable to make it your own. 

Writing Prompts for Back to school

Classroom Rules Anchor Charts

these anchor charts display the classroom rules... 4 styles to choose from.  

I am ME - booklet

I am ME Getting to Know You

Booklet for beginning writers Grades PreK-1. Children love writing about themselves; and teachers you will learn so much about your little one!  


Growth Mindset Posters

These are bright and colorful posters that will brighten your classroom and inspire your students to create a growth mindset!  There are 15 posters but more will be added and you will receive FREE updates! Get YOURS here


Brighten Your Classroom with these Inspirational Quotes about Reading and Writing

5 posters and more will be added... get yours now at this low price and you will receive FREE updates when more are added

Send Calendars home each month

to inform your parents of all the happy events at school

these calendars are editable and all you do is type in the important information; copy and print out to send home with your students

editable calendars -2020-2021
Back to School - Pennant