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Bees | Interactive Readers | 2nd Grade ELA | Science | Summer Activities

Bees | Interactive Readers | 2nd Grade ELA | Science | Summer Activities

Bees. Read and Write. Learn all about bees. lifecycle of bees.   Do you want an inclusive unit about bees for early science learners?

Many pages, activities, and writing prompts to learn about bees.


Three science readers learn about bees, beehives, beekeepers, and honey. There are also reading, writing, and math activities.

Use these pages to set up a literacy-math center about bees in your classroom.

Included are:

  • writing prompts
  • find the evidence reading
  • 3 different booklets about bees
  • ‘Amazing Bees’ booklet
  • diversified reader at two levels
  • cut and paste
  • read and answer questions about the bees
  • 24 vocabulary words for display
  • learn about the bee life cycle
  • ask and answer questions BEE board game
  • Counting Bees Math Mat
  • Ten Frames
  • Tally marks
  • What do beekeepers do?
  • Learn about the 3 types of bees
  • Making new words
  • Rhyming words
  • Informational Text Bookmarks
  • Earn ‘Busy Bee’ Badges
  • make a literacy center
  • make a math station


3 interactive booklets you can make easily. A flap book and a foldable book. The flap book has two versions for diversified instruction. One has simple sentences and easy text; the other has more details and longer text. Your students will love the flap books, and you will see that they must do a ‘close read’ to match the writing flap to the text. These pages are perfect for school at home, homeschoolers, distance learning and as an independent work packet.


Thank you for previewing this teaching resource.

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