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third Grade 

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Charlotte-sWeb-novel study
Informational Text Book circles
close reading
Informational Text Features
Mrs Frisby & the Rats of NIMH
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reader response journals
Ramona Quimby, Age 8 - novel study
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Those Shoes- Children's Literature

Those Shoes   by Maribeth Boelts

Jeremy is a likeable and admirable character who learns a life lesson of wants and needs. Get this book companion to write about this book. 

just click HERE

Louisiana's Way Home  

by Kate DiCamillo

Louisiana is a likeable and admirable character who learns the true identity of herself and her Grandma.  Get this book companion to write about this book. just click HERE

Louisiana's Way Novel Study
The One and Only Ivan, teaching resources, children's liteature

The One and Only Ivan  

by Katherine Applegate

Ivan is the one and only but does he really want to be?  This book teaches kindness and belonging like no other.  Ivan is the most likable gorilla I have ever read about... and he's real. Ivan draws pictures and he saves Ruby, the elephant. 

Many insightful discussions will happen because of this touching story by Katherine Applegate.   Get this book companion to write about this book. just click HERE

The Cricket In Times Square

by George Selden

Adventure, friendship and fun!  Everyone loves to read about Chester trip from Connecticut to Times Square... and all that happens before he returns to the country again.   Get this book companion to write about this book. just click HERE

cricket in times square
Love That Dog - Book companion

Love That Dog

by Sharon Creech

This book is perfect to introduce a unit in poetry.  Young Jack is not so sure about reading poetry.  He thinks it's for girls; however he learns that poetry is awesome and even writes his own poem.  This book is a MUST READ... there is so much to it and an "easy to read" chapter book or, well, it's written in 'diary' format.  Get this book companion to write about this book. just click HERE

Hate that Cat - book companion

Hate That Cat   by Sharon Creech

  This complete and engaging literacy unit for Hate That Cat will save YOU time and engage your students in a meaningful reading experience. Reading responses, graphic organizers, comprehension questions, poetry terms, writing about reading, character traits, pre-reading pages and questions, end of book "thinking questions". This book is the sequel to Love That Dog and is a perfect continuation of a poetry unit. Poetry pages are included in this teaching resource. You can also get the book companion for Love That Dog by clicking the link above. To grab this book companion to write about Hate That Cat.. . just click HERE

These writing prompts and graphic organizers

  • will enable young readers to make connections to their reading

  • will support reading strategies taught

  • will improve reading comprehension

  • will engage students in literature in a meaningful way

  • will introduce the genre of poetry and create opportunities to write poems

Paragraph of the week-learnng to write
partner reading - task cards

Partner Reading Task Cards 

Motivate and encourage book talk with your students with these task cards. Comprehension questions for ANY book. Task cards make it easy for students to have book discussions and book talks. You can easily use these questions in a literature circle also. Partners can share their books and work independently. You may wish for them to write the answers in their reading journals so you can check for understanding and accuracy. Students love the chance to 'ask the question'. These task cards guide them through to ask intelligent book questions and they become more interested in reading, authors and book talk.

Fix-It Sentences. Students will read and correct the sentences. 7 pages to correct capital letters and punctuation marks. These pages are for beginning writers.


This writing resource includes:

  • 7 pages of 'fix-it' sentences

  • writing simple sentences

  • writing compound sentences

  • ending punctuation

  • learning the uses of a comma

  • learning where to place an apostrophe

  • pages for writing folders include a writer's rubric; and when and where to use commas

This writing resource can easily be used for writer's workshop, in small reading group settings, independent work, homework, whole class, morning seat work, and one-to-one instruction.

Fix It Sentences
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