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Photograph Writing Prompts

Engaging Photo Talks with Task Cards

click the camera button to get YOUR photograph writing prompts today

3-2-1 Writing page makes an easy start to the morning by writing about these interesting photographs.

photo writing prompts, writing skills, teaching resources
photograph writing prompt, teach writing, writing resources, elementary school
writing resources, photograph prompts, teach writing, teacher resources
photo talk, speaking and listening activities

Quick Writes

photograph writing prompts for elementary school students
photograph writing prompts, MrsQuimbyReads, daily writing practice
daily writing practice, photograph writing prompts

Engage students in writing with these fun and amazing photographs
from easy quick writes to paragraph writing.   All of the photographs are also included to make a photo file to use in a writing center and/or for writing topics.  Each photograph is in a powerpoint presentation file so you can project the photo for the whole class. Daily writing practice is easy with these photo prompts.   Several formats and includes 270 pages   Reading, speaking and listening also required.  Bring literacy into the classroom  with this teaching resource of photograph writing prompts

photograph writing prompts, teach writing, teaching resources
photo quick writes, writing skills
writing prompts from photographs, teach writing, morning seat work
photograph writing prompts for elementary school, teaching resources
  • writing words

  • create a storyboard

  • photo-to-self connection

  • 5 Ws

  • photo icon writing page

  • 5 Ws Star Organizer

  • Word mapping

  • Make a prediction

  • Making an Inference

  • Research Organizer

  • Answer the Questions

Lots of pages to create a photograph prompt writing station.​

Build your writing center with these photographs and pages

  • photo talk questions

  • task cards

  • blank writing pages

  • reference pages

  • basic writing moves

  • basic thinking moves

  • revising and editing tips

  • make your writing better

  • how to write a paragraph

  • half-page quick writes

  • power writes

  • 3-2-1 writes

  • snappy titles 

  • snap! flash! Smile Write!

  • I see.  I think.  I wonder.

  • Write one page

  • Anytime Quick Writes Now!

  • Teacher Information

  • Photo Index

  • Powerpoint Presentations to show entire class the photograph for today

  • Parent Letter for 'my photograph assignment'

writing paragraphs, teaching resources

NO PREP - everything you need to provide a writing opportunity easily

each morning, in a writing center, independent seat work, small group instruction,  writing folder, homework...    an anytime write NOW! 

click the camera button to get YOUR photograph writing prompts today