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Bragging About Brag Tags!

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 They're motivating and fun! Everyone loves a collection... remember those pokemon cards and now shopkins.  Something about collecting makes it everything you always wanted... but just one more! Brag tags help your students make positive academic and behavior choices during school. This is an easy classroom management system. It works! I've tried it! I've tested it!  

brag tags, classroom behavior, class management, teaching resources

So What Are Brag Tags and Just How Do I Use Them?

Brag tags are:

  • little tags similar to an ID tag on a suitcase... a bit smaller.

  • most have very cute clip art on them!

  • and they all have a big or small achievement accomplished

  • once you set up your teacher collection, you are on the look-out for those achievements to happen in your classroom; they are both academic and citizenship in nature

  • award a brag tag when earned

  • it's quite important that you don't give everybody one everyday

  • you are a bit of a hoarder of these little awards and you are truly looking for a student who has made effort and skill to earn one

  • as your students collect a few; then you will notice more and more student striving to be a good student and striving to do their best academically

  • I would clip these little brag tags in their Friday folders and only if the tag was earned

Happy Day when you get one!  Feeling good when you deserve one! Feeling better when you tried really hard to receive one!  Feeling great when my collection grows!  

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So once your students start earning some brag tags... here's what they start doing some will place them on a key chain and hook them on their backpacks.  Some start a brag tag collection box, and others make a collection book.  Much fun and more pride ... good citizens in class allow for an environment that enables all to learn. 

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'How to Be Good FRIENDS'

POSTERS for your Classroom

Display these in your classroom and refer to them often   Teach kindness, self-esteem and good citizenship . Students also make a reading booklet.  Practice reading fluency and learn how to become a good friend too.  Get these posters here.

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