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Movement Activities

Mother Nature's Fitness Adventure

Fitness Stations

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Can you walk like a careful crocodile? Twist like a wild monkey? or walk backwards like a crab? 

This teaching resource provides your students with a unique opportunity in movement in the classroom, at recess  or in gym class. 

                                         “Let's move now”...

students listen to and engage in poetry and rhyme as they learn the movement of these animal characters.

Display these posters in your classroom for colorful and inviting decor and refer to them often to provide movement your young students need.

Also, make your “let's move now” circles and keep them on your desk to use whenever you need to move

around a bit.

Physical Education Teachers : 

Set up your Mother Nature’s Adventure Trail indoors or out. These can easily become your parcourse for fitness. Ideal for PreK- 1 .

Improve students' listening skills and fitness and at the same time engage them in poetry and reading.

There are a total of 15 posters ready to download and print.   Each poster measures 8.5" x 11" and shows a bird or an animal. The title names the movement and the poem describes how to do it.   Make a colorful bulletin board and refer to it often for movement activities. 

It's fun!     It's educational!     It's fitness!   

Honey Bear Stretch
fitness activity for small children

each poster shows an animal or bird

each poster names the movement

arrow yellow

each poster has a poem that describes the movement

each poster provides teacher tips to execute the movement

each poster shows the movement with "blue" people

You can also make a 'let's move now' jar with these
fun animal sticks! Each animal has a fun movement activity.  Have them ready when needed!

movement activity preschool
Silly Stork Stand
Careful Croc Walk
fitness activities

Mother Nature's Fitness Adventure was created by

Dr. Tom Quimby, Ed.D. Adventure and Physical Education. 

This is a unique curriculum for movement for small children. It provides an opportunity for fitness and fun and is proven to be effective in teaching basic movement skills for balance, agility, strength and endurance with repetition. 

Mother Nature's Fitness Adventure can be set up as a parcours in a recreational park, in a school gym as fitness stations, in the classroom for ready and accessible movement activities, and as brain breaks when children need movement.  

The teacher's ability to recite the poem with a fun and enthusiastic expectation of the movement to follow will help enhance the spontaneity of the children's experience. 

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