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Classroom Organization and Decor

Teacher Binder- Lesson Planner

Your ‘Everything, Everything’ Teacher Binder

Includes Everything!!

When you purchase this teacher binder, you will get FREE updates for LIFE!!!
This teacher binder is currently dated through August 2022. Next revision will be June 2022, and will be dated from August 2022-August 2023.  As I add new forms and update the calendars, you will be notified so you can access the update and new pages for FREE! Your editable teacher binder can be used this year but also year-after-year without ever purchasing a new one! 
Your teacher binder will be fun to build as you have many covers, colors and designs to choose from... you can even change them whenever you 'd like! 
Brighten Your Day! Save Time! Get Organized! Stunning clip art! 
310 essential pages to keep your school year running smoothly

Your Editable Teacher Binder includes:
Covers and Dividers for your teacher binder – 50 Designs
Colorful spine covers for your teacher binder
Weekly Lesson Planner - [8 styles]
Weekly Lesson Planner for 6-day rotation
Monthly Calendars - 2 styles
One page daily schedule – at- a-glance
Number Circles for Class # Assignments
Monthly Newsletter Templates with clip art

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Teacher Binder covers 2020
teacher binder - covers
teacher toolbox labels

Why Do You Need These Labels ?

  • to give your classroom and work space an organized and professional look

  • because less clutter reduces stress

  • an organized space helps you remember important items

  • increases creativity

  • saves YOU time!

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Teacher Toolbox Labels

"a place for everything and everything in it's place"

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teacher tool box labels
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Scientists' Work
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Growth Mindset Posters will inspire and encourage good thoughts about learning and citizenship!

15 bright and colorful posters to display in your classroom! More to be added and you will receive FREE updates when I add more posters. Artistic flair so they will be            eye-catching in your classroom.

These posters measure 8.5" x 11" standard size letter paper. They are easy to download and print. 

You can easily use these as a springboard for journal writing 

or writing assignments.

Growth Mindset Posters
children's literature, teaching citizenship, classroom anchor charts, quotes by famous authors

Display these author quotes in your classroom for your students to aspire to the great teachings in their reading.

They can be:

  • springboards for class discussion

  • used as writing prompts

  • in place of class rules

There are:

  • 25 quotes presently

but here is the best part - I am adding more quotes to this resource all the time; as I stumble upon the great sayings, I design and create an anchor chart

so that means you can put them up and take them down to continually motivate  your students to practice good citizenship

author quote, shel silversteing, anchor charts, MrsQuimbyReads, teaching resources
author quotes, children's literature, MrsQuimbyReads, anchor charts
author quotes, children's literature, teaching resources, MrsQuimbyReads, teach citizenship

Each anchor chart measures 8"x8" . Presently there are 25 great teaching quotes in this teaching resource but I will be adding more every so often and you will receive free updates for life.  

My goal is 100 or more! 

Reading Posters

Brighten Your Classroom with these Inspirational Quotes about Reading and Writing

5 posters and more will be added... get yours now at this low price and you will receive FREE updates when more are added


 Practical and functional with design and color... post your schedule and every student improves academic achievement!  


Click HERE to get your set of schedule cards! 

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