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Create a Memory Book for the end of your School Year

Writing Prompts and Pages to create a fabulous End-of-Year Memory Book for your students. 

Create a Memory Book for the 2017-2018 School Year

Writing Prompts and Pages to create a fabulous End-of-Year Memory Book for your students. 

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memory book for end of school year

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Students will engage in writing with pride and ownership as soon as they start the first page. Looking back on the school year and going forward... create a Memory Book of this school year before you go.   These pages can easily be kept in a writing folder for that 'special writing time' that everyone know, the kind, when it is quiet and maybe some classical music in the background.    After 10 minutes of settling in, you will find everyone very busy in this authentic and meaningful writing task. There are 6 cover pages.  One for each grade level. 

28 pages include:

* self- portrait     *all about me     *more about me     * favorite subject, books
* favorite read aloud    *most important thing I learned this year   *something I excel in * an area I still need improvement   *summer goals   *best friends   
*field day   *field trip   *technology advances made this year   *holiday pages   *birthday pages   *autograph pages   *what I learned pages  *goals   *summer reading list  *seasonal pages

Bright, bold and easy to read. These printables have room for students to color and write and make their memory booklets unique to them and their school year.  Students write the year on the cover of the memory books.
Several days of fun activity in reading, writing and thinking.   Students can reflect on their school year accomplishments and make a keepsake that they will look back on fondly for years to come.
Parents also love these as they, too, will look back on their child's achievements in your classroom. 

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