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Growth Mindset Posters
growth mindset- mistakes
believe you can - growth mindset
growth mindset posters

Teaching a  "can-do" attitude and a growth mindset at the beginning of the school year can establish a classroom environment that creates positive thinking and confidence when learning new skills and knowledge. Our best learning comes when our minds are focused on the task at hand, when we know it's okay to make more than one attempt, and we believe in ourselves to succeed.   

Growth Mindset Posters will inspire and encourage good thoughts

about learning and citizenship!

15 bright and colorful posters to display in your classroom! More to be added and you will receive FREE updates when I add more posters.  An artistic flair catches attention to the important messages. These posters measure 8.5" x 11" standard size letter paper. They are easy to download and print.   You can easily use these as a springboard for journal writing or writing assignments.

Classroom Posters for Little Learners
posters for little learners
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