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Listening is one of the big 5 in literacy!  The other four being reading, writing, thinking and speaking.  You can incorporate many activities that involve listening in an enjoyable way. Many educational games require listening and most times, most kids will want to do well in a game with their peers.  The famous "I Have, Who Has?"  can be used in many grade levels while reinforcing many skills in literacy, math, science and social studies. Developing kids' listening skills benefits your students and will improve their reading comprehension.  The act of reading is actually listening to oneself.... be sure to schedule listening activities for the classroom.  You might start with some listed below.  

What are Your students listening to today?

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Listen Buddy- book companion
circle time- talk and listen
Listen and Follow Directions
place value activity-listening

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These resources engage your students

in active listening

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Listen to Stories On YouTube

Improve speaking and listening skills with this morning circle activity.  Start meaningful class discussions about a variety of topics.