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US Presidents | Biography | Bottle Project

US Presidents | Biography | Bottle Project

Meet the US Presidents is a project-based learning activity about the United States of America's presidents.

  • This teaching resource includes guidelines and handouts for the teacher to create a significant Social Studies project.


  • This project includes reading a biography about a US President and then writing a research report on that President.


Included in this resource :

  • Letter Home to explain the project
  • Graphic Organizers to help with the writing assignment
  • Directions on how to create a bottle president
  • Examples of Bottle Presidents to see the idea
  • Graphic Organizers to help with essential facts, sequence in the research, highlighting important information
  • Flash Cards of 46 US Presidents for pocket display and discussion
  • Drawing a portrait of the President
  • Graphic Organizer for listeners to take notes when reports are presented
  • Teacher Guidelines and other notable information
  • Book recommendations for this project
  • This biography project includes reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking. Most of the work is assigned for homework.
  • Students LOVE creating these bottle presidents!


You will LOVE the excitement and quick engagement you will readily see from your students. It's a great way to share information. This project will also allow students to research on the computer to find facts and details for their president's report. You can be flexible with how much time you would like to allot at school for this project, from 0% - 100%. I have had much success with 100% of this report/project done at home. Children show ownership as they will be presenting their research to the class.


US Presidents Biography Project 

Your Comprehensive February Resource for Social Studies!

Engage your students in enriching American history exploration with this engaging US President's Biography Project!


This resource is perfect for educators seeking an immersive and educational experience for their students during February.


Key Features:

In-Depth Biographies: Dive deep into the lives of US Presidents, unraveling the stories that shaped the nation.

Interactive Learning: Foster critical thinking and research skills as students actively uncover historical facts and events.

Creative Projects: Encourage creativity with project-based assessments, allowing students to showcase their understanding through various mediums.

Timeline Exploration: Explore the chronological order of presidencies, fostering an understanding of American history.

February Focus: Tailored for educators planning engaging lessons for February, aligning with key historical events and Presidents' Day.


Elevate your social studies curriculum and captivate your students' curiosity with this dynamic and informative US President's Biography Project. Perfect for 3rd and 4th-grade students, this resource is designed to make history exciting and leave a lasting impact on your student's learning journey.

Download and embark on an educational adventure transcending textbooks, making history a captivating experience for your students!

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