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Thanksgiving | Writing Prompts and Pages

Thanksgiving | Writing Prompts and Pages

This is a teacher resource that will help student readers and writers study a Thanksgiving theme.  These pages are a nice supplement to your Thanksgiving book corner.  Created for elementary grades and diversified instruction.  You might also use this resource for homeschoolers and distance learning.  24 pages included

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Focus Skills are:

  • Main Idea and details
  • What I am thankful for ...
  • Thanksgiving is | 4 details - 4 square
  • writing an invitation
  • writing about Thanksgiving
  • How do you help your family on Thanksgiving day?
  • You are a very intelligent turkey.  Write a letter to Americans to convince them not to have turkey on Thanksgiving. 
  • Describe a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Sailing to America on the Mayflower
  • Write about a special Thanksgiving tradition in your family
  • Pretend you were a Pilgrim.  Write a journal entry about your day
  • What does being thankful mean to you?

There are 2 sets of the above writing prompts.  Pages with lines for primary writers and pages with lines for more experienced writers.


Also included:

  • 4 square | A Turkey for Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting | Reader Response Page
  • How to Make Pumpkin Pie | first, next, then, finally
  • Four Facts about the First Thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving | Then & Now
  • Making New Words


Thank you for previewing this teaching resource. 

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