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Thank You Cards | Primary Learners | Read & Paint

Thank You Cards | Primary Learners | Read & Paint

15 'thank you cards' for children to read, paint, color and send to those many people who helped them grow. Students make these cards look beautiful - inside and out! and also space for them to write their own sentiments and thank yous.


These cards would be great for parent volunteers, chaperones on field trips or anyone who needs a thank you. Each card is 2 pages to print back to back. It is best if you print them out first, easy assemble, then print them on printer settings 2 sides-2 sides. You can use regular copy paper or card stock. After you print them out, have your child choose the card he likes; they will color or paint in the lettering and add their own sentiment where applicable. You may want to add classical music to have a quiet, busy classroom of worker bees. Nice activity for end of year or anytime you need to say thank you. These cards would be appropriate for Grades PreK - 3rd grade.

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