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Pilgrims - Wampanoag | Collaborative Group Work | Literacy | History | Thanksgiv

Pilgrims - Wampanoag | Collaborative Group Work | Literacy | History | Thanksgiv

This project is a study of Early American life. More specifically, the story of the Pilgrims adventure over to America. Reading and writing about the Pilgrims' adventure encourages collaborative group work. There are materials for 5 groups to study this part of American history --Thanksgiving.
Groups start this project by reading about their part of the story in history. The 5 groups are:
Old World to New World
Mayflower Journey
Wampanoag Village
Pilgrim Village
Harvest Feast

Each group has a reading passage to start. The reading passages include questions for them to explore and find the answers. Included is a graphic organizer to write a paragraph about their topic. Organizer includes topic sentence, interesting details and concluding statement. Also included are other graphic organizers, real photographs from the time in history, illustrations to visualize and learn about the ways and customs of the people. A map of the journey to America. Then students create a diorama or poster board display to represent their part of history.

This is a high-interest and motivating project. Teacher guidelines and directions are included. It would be helpful if you had other resources i.e. books about the pilgrims and Wampanoag, access to the computer etc. You will need to provide materials for students to create their dioramas or posters. This would be appropriate for Grade 3 and Homeschoolers.
Thank you for previewing this teaching resource.

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