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Little Red Hen | Book Companion | Kindergarten | 1st Grade | ELA

Little Red Hen | Book Companion | Kindergarten | 1st Grade | ELA

Read The Little Red Hen .... Everybody loves the life lesson taught by reading The Little Red Hen. Delight in the reading, and then use these reading response pages to read, think, write, do, and learn! Literacy and math included. It's all here to make a literacy and math center.


There are several writing prompts for beginning writers and math activities to accompany this favorite read-aloud. This book is a springboard for teaching about working and helping each other. Teach these valuable life lessons: good work ethic, helping, sharing, and cooperation.


This book companion is to be used with the book;

The Little Red Hen


Literature/Math pages include:

  • reading comprehension pages

  • writing prompt pages

  • phonics work pages

  • word shapes

  • story sequencing cards for a literacy center

  • reading short sentences to make the story sequence

  • character study pages

  • events in the story -sequence of events

  • making a storyboard

  • vocabulary words for pocket chart display - with or without pictures

  • finding and seeing patterns

  • making tally marks

  • skip counting math puzzles

  • combinations of 10

  • combinations of 12

  • writing number sentences - recording sheet


Create a literacy and math center all about The Little Red Hen. Children will be delighted to hear and retell the story, and then they can work with the story pictures in their math and literacy centers. These literacy and math pages would be appropriate for PreK—Grade 1 and homeschoolers.

Thank you for previewing this teaching resource.


**Teacher Tip:** Leave your favorite copy of The Little Red Hen with selected pages from this resource for your Substitute Teacher. Your students will have an engaging lesson about reading and books.

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