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Giraffes | Writing | 1st Grade | ELA | T-maps

Giraffes | Writing | 1st Grade | ELA | T-maps

Write About Giraffes - Graphic Organizers and PRINTABLES

High-Interest. Learning to write sentences. Use this teaching resource after reading informational text about giraffes—supplementary pages for your unit on giraffes or mammals.


Giraffes - writing response. 'are' 'can' 'have' treemap. Use these printables to report information learned after reading about giraffes. Lines on this tree map encourage good handwriting with a middle dotted line. This mini-teaching resource for writing is twenty-two pages and includes:


  • T-map - giraffes are, giraffes can, giraffes have
  • to fill in the correct word to complete the sentence
  • writing pages about giraffes for beginning writers
  • to draw and write about giraffes
  • What is this giraffe doing? Draw his habitat. Write about it.
  • Write factual statements about giraffes.
  • Complete a graphic organizer on the habitat, diet, size, and special features of giraffes
  • Graphic Organizer to use with any book about giraffes
  • Learning new words page
  • cards for display when making a t-map with your class
  • Teacher information


These 22 pages could be used with any informational text about giraffes.


Explore the fascinating world of giraffes with this teacher resource designed for primary writers! 'Write about Giraffes' offers engaging activities to help young learners practice sentence writing while delving into informational texts about these incredible creatures. From simple facts about giraffe habitats to fun writing prompts encouraging descriptive language, students will sharpen their reading and writing skills while uncovering the secrets of these large mammals.


”Write About Giraffes” is designed for primary learners.

This teaching resource combines reading, writing, drawing, and T-maps to enhance learning about these incredible mammals. It is tailored to support young learners as they develop their sentence-writing skills while exploring the wonders of giraffes. After reading informational texts about giraffes, students will discover intriguing facts about giraffe habitats, behaviors, and physical characteristics.


Focus skills are:


1. Sentence Writing Activities: Students will practice constructing descriptive sentences about giraffes, enjoyably reinforcing grammar and vocabulary skills.

2. Drawing Exercises: Drawing activities spark creativity and fine motor skills, encouraging students to illustrate their understanding of giraffes. Students can express themselves artistically by drawing giraffe habitats to depict their favorite facts.

3. T-Maps for Organization: Introduce the concept of T-maps as a tool for organizing information. Students will learn to categorize facts about giraffes into main ideas and supporting details, promoting critical thinking and comprehension skills.

4. Comprehensive Learning Experience: ”Write About Giraffes" provides a holistic learning experience integrating reading, writing, and visual representation. Students will deepen their understanding of giraffes by engaging multiple senses and learning modalities while honing essential literacy skills.


Whether used as a standalone unit or integrated into the existing curriculum, ”Write About Giraffes" offers a rich learning experience that empowers young writers to explore, create, and communicate about the natural world.


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