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Christopher Columbus | Read & Write | Learning about Columbus

Christopher Columbus | Read & Write | Learning about Columbus

Read and Write about Christopher Columbus.  There are 13 pages in this pdf file which you can download and use right away.  These pages are for beginning readers and writers.  There is a text reading passage for young readers and comprehension questions about the reading.  

Focus Skills :

  • reading - fun facts about Christopher Columbus
  • writing
  • making new words
  • label a picture
  •  cut and paste - text - picture match
  • was-wanted-had  t-map
  • words to describe Columbus
  • abc order page
  • free write about Columbus Day
  • If I were an explorer, I would ...
  • Find the evidence
  • story cards for retelling the story
  • make a sailboat idea - spin-off craftivity

Young readers and writers learn about Christopher Columbus and his story of exploration.  Click the thumbnail above  to see all the pages included in this teaching resource.  Thank you for previewing this teaching resource. 


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