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Charlotte's Web | Novel Study | 3rd Grade ELA

Charlotte's Web | Novel Study | 3rd Grade ELA

Charlotte’s Web | Novel Study | Write about Reading


Reading responses, graphic organizers, comprehension questions, vocabulary, writing about reading, character study, story elements, and more! This resource

will save YOU time and engage your students in a meaningful reading experience.


This novel study is to be used with the book,

Charlotte's Web, by E.B. White


These writing prompts and graphic organizers

· will enable young readers to make connections to their reading

· will support reading strategies taught

· will improve reading comprehension

· will engage students in literature in a meaningful way


106 pages for Charlotte's Web:

  • character study pages
  • adjectives to describe the characters
  • setting - where the story takes place
  • five vocabulary bookmarks
  • vocabulary words for classroom display
  • writing about the theme
  • compare and contrast
  • ‘thick and thin’ questions
  • comprehension questions chapter-by-chapter
  • poetry! About a Spider, of course!
  • writing prompt for spider webs
  • visualizing activity
  • visualizing anchor chart for display
  • summarize the story page
  • recommendation page
  • ‘Make a cover’ for your Charlotte’s Web folder
  • teacher resource pages
  • teacher pacing guide
  • discussion cards for 'talking about the book'


This book is a beautiful book teaching the theme of friendship. E.B. White is a masterful writer who captures the children's minds and hearts on page 1. You can use these pages if you do a read-aloud with the book or assign the book for independent reading. These reader response pages are appropriate for grades 2-3. 4th graders might also use these writing prompts about this book as their writing would be more sophisticated, and they could develop higher-level meanings on theme, comprehension, summary, vocabulary, etc. These writing pages would also help homeschoolers learn comprehension strategies, word study, and listening skills.

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