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Busy BEE Posters | Classroom Decor | Citizenship

Busy BEE Posters | Classroom Decor | Citizenship

Busy “BEE” Posters .... bright, colorful and meaningful classroom posters to teach kindness, responsibility and respect.


Do you want classroom decor that fosters good citizenship and good academic habits? These posters can be a springboard for important class discussions on citizenship and respect. Display them in your classroom and refer to them often.


There are 14 posters:

  • “BEE” responsible

  • “BEE” respectful

  • “BEE” kind

  • “BEE” courteous

  • “BEE” helpful

  • “BEE” organized

  • “BEE” a good worker

  • “BEE” a good friend

  • “BEE” smart

  • “BEE” healthy

  • "BEE" safe

  • "BEE" happy

  • "BEE" ready

  • "BEE" trustworthy

Make your classroom colorful and bright and teach respect, responsibility and kindness. Thank you for previewing this teaching resource.

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