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"Very professional looking. Just what I needed to add to my observation lesson."

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"I love this product!! Great way to get students thinking!!"


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"This is just what I was looking for as a starting point to talk about text connections with my 4th graders. Thanks!"

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"Super content and very useful! Thanks very much!"

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Holly J. said:

"Good resource, asks the right questions to assess basic understanding."

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"This is exactly what I was looking for to challenge a few of my students. Thank you!!"

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"Thanks, this was exactly what I was looking for! Perfect for my second graders."

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"Loved the vocabulary words as a bookmark... very clever!"

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"Love the graphic organizers for responding to the stories. I also appreciate the illustrations in order to support inference."


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"Great resource. Saved me a ton of work."

Tiffany G. said:

"Wonderful unit! My students truly enjoyed the activities!"

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"I like having a rubric I can use to assess the students. They are able to use these on their own and that allows me to differentiate in the classroom!!"

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100 Days of School - Celebration Teacher T-shirt
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Alex R. said:

"Great resource for teaching vocabulary.

Can even be printed to be provided for students or for a social studies bulletin board."

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"Thanks for this awesome resource! I can't wait for my students to begin reading the book so we can do the activities."

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Laura D. said:

"What a nice variety of activities! Not just questions. Thanks so much!"

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"This has been a great tool for students to use to practice using a table of contents. The writing lines make it easier for younger students to practice their handwriting!"

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"Fabulous resource for this classic novel."

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"This is a great resource for teaching Charlotte's Web. Worth the money."

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"These are perfect I use them with my interactive notebooks."

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"Amazing! This is filled with tons of materials for Charlotte's Web!"

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"I thank you and my students thank you as these were awesome word chart words- big and bold made writing time easier."

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"I used these for online journal prompts for my elementary students. They worked well! Thank you for great questions!"