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Resources for classroom management and environment that will brighten

your classroom and make learning fun. 

Teacher Treehouse Ideas is a place where you can find teaching resources that will save YOU time.  This collection focuses on writing resources for elementary grades and a collection of book companions for Magic Treehouse series

by Mary Pope Osborne.   TeacherTreehouseIdeas' includes resources that  help the teacher build a vibrant and alive community of readers and writers through classroom management techniques and vibrant interactive  classroom decor .

student writing

TeacherTreehouse Ideas' resources are valuable for the teacher because they will help create a physical environment for readers in your classroom.  There is an important and intended focus on classroom spaces, time, and literacy practices that will improve literacy achievement and create lifelong readers.   Each resource is created with the learner in mind.  Children find these activities and pages interesting, engaging and fun. Reading logs and book talks are integral to your class as they become a reading community.  Reading, thinking, writing, speaking and listening are practiced everyday.   Content is meaningful and relevant to the primary learner.

Teachers and parents find these resources educational and easy to follow. 

This collection of TeacherTreehouseIdeas' resources for primary grades will grow in time and are sorted into four categories.

  • classroom decor

  • classroom management

  • writing resources

  • Magic Treehouse Book Companions

At TeacherTreehouseIdeas, 

building a community of thinkers, readers and writers is the goal. Big ideas are in the works; and more resources will be added each week ... so head on over and follow so you don't miss out on notifications of new resources listed, sales and updates.  All new listings are 50% off for the first 24 hours.  Check out the Free resources, too!


Head on over to  TeacherTreehouseIdeas to find resources that save YOU time.  

Yes! I want engaging and easy-to-read printables.

Yes! I want ideas and resources that help with classroom decor. 

Yes! I want important school forms and classroom management ideas.

Yes! I want authentic writing resources that make writing assignments interesting & enjoyable.

Yes! I want some FREE teaching resources, too! 

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