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Writing Resources for Beginning Writers

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Building relationships with children can start with reading a wonderful book by an accomplished author. Trust that these writers can invite, motivate and delight your child with a good story.   You will know a good book when it makes you smarter or nicer.  Find book characters that you would like to emulate in your own life.    Books are your greatest resource in teaching your child to enjoy books and that learning happens all the time.  Playing and imagining starts with curiosity and questions about people and the world.   Stories weave in and out of our lives and becoming literate is an important part of all those stories.  We grow closer together with our stories.  Reading is a nurturing activity for the young and old.  Be sure to make time for the children in your life to develop and explore their interests in the wonderful world of books.  Do you make time for children to read? Do you allow them to choose their own books?  Choosing books from your preselected shelves is a great motivator to reading. 

If you are looking for book recommendations and great authors for your students,  your homeschooler or yourself, visit

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Reader Response Pages for Children's Literature - reading real books for read aloud, small group, whole class and independent reading creates a love and passion for reading.  Interest soars when readers talk about the books they are reading.  

 Here you will find many reading-writing resources to use with Children's Literature.  Most are for the primary grades and were written to  encourage students to write about their reading.   Math, Social Studies and Science resources can also be found by clicking on any resource page.  Each resource was created by me and tested with real children.  Easy-to-read print and graphics to motivate.  Find ideas, strategies and teacher resources for literacy at MrsQuimbyReads

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Word Study and Learning New Words

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