These mini posters are designed by Christine Quimby Art.  Add color and motivation to your classroom.

They each measure 8"x10"

​Invite your students to read real books

Classroom Environment is Important

Everything has a place and everyone knows the place

Classroom decor and  organization are very important!  It is one of the first things a teacher does at the beginning of the school year.  For some teachers, it is the excitingand fun part of teaching; for others, it is an overwhelming task. Look around the teacher blogs and sites and you will see so many teachers who put their heart and soul into creating a wonderful learningspace for their students.  So okay, what should it be?  Because the physical environment plays an important role in the students learning, we might all agree it should be organized.    Students should find books, materials and supplies easily; students should feel that the classroom is their space. Along with the privilege, comes the responsibility... putting things back in the right place, picking up floor, taking care of classroom books.  Most teachers have class jobs so students feel ownership in their classroom.   In my opinion, it also should be bright and cheery and without exception, clean!   Bulletin boards, signs and posters are there for the students.  They tell a story of what a teacher might feel is important for a learning environment.  Classroom libraries are a great way to tell students, parents and administrators that reading real books is important.  Many bulletin boards are interactive and can teach... and those who love art...can make the room colorful. 

You set the tone