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Michael Linsin is the founder of Smart Classroom Management, the top classroom management blog on the web with over 70,000 subscribers.  He has taught every grade level from kindergarten through high school for the past 25 years, and is the author of five books, including The Happy Teacher Habits (due out in May 2016).  He has also written for The Guardian, The Edvocate, The Art of Education, Dream Class and many others. He holds teaching credentials in Elementary Education, English, and Physical Education.  
He lives in San Diego, California.

Michael has so many practical methods and ways to manage your classroom.  Highly recommended by me and many others!  Read his books to gain insight on children, learning and your classroom environment.

1.  Look for the best in others.

2.  Dream Big

3. Speak kind words.

4. Choose positive influences.

​5. Start a chain reaction.

Citizenshipmight be the single most important thing children learn at school.  What are the attributes of a good citizen?  Does this come naturally or is it taught?  Working together and being connected is an important concept to teach school age children.  Start early! Start young!  Create activities that giveinternal satisfaction to becoming a good member of the class, a good member of the community.  Build a relationship of responsibility, respect and kindness.  Read books that teach good citizenship. Find ideas, strategies and elementary school resources at MrsQuimbyReads.

You might decide to make a paper "Citizen Chain".  It's easy and fun.  Each action that models responsibility, respect and kindness shows good citizenship.  Have your students write down examples on a strip of paper.  Start making a paper chain with all the good events you find during the school day.  How long can you make the chain? 

MrsQuimbyReads Elementary School Resources

Google"Rachel's Challenge" inspiring story for you and your students

You will find 6 writing prompts, 3 anchor charts and an activity to make with your class.  A great beginning to fostering a classroom community that is considerate, helpful and kind.

Respect and good citizenship are the foundation for responsible students to work together